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International Auto Shipping Profiles: Hawaii

Hawaii is one of the most popular international auto transport requests received by Budget Auto Shipping, and for good reason. Scenic roadways like the Munro Trail on Lanai and the Windward Coast of Oahu make owning a vehicle in Hawaii a special treat. How receptive is Hawaii to auto shipments? What’s it like to ship […]

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History of Transportation in Hawaii

Roadways are actually a relatively recent addition to the Hawaiian Islands, with some of the most heavily used roads not appearing until the 18th century. Even then, the mostly native population converted areas into simple footpaths. Roads and the addition of public transportation have shaped the development of Hawaii’s infrastructure, and each has an interesting […]

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The Truth About Green Vehicles

One of the most important concerns for Budget Auto Shipping is reducing the impact that our auto haulers have on the environment. Normal drivers are also following this trend, as evidenced by the increasing popularity of green vehicles. But what are green vehicles? Can they really help reduce drivers’ impact on the environment? Major Types […]

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