Campbell, Ca

Campbell is a southern suburb of San Jose, California and is home to around 33,000 residents. Many of these residents commute to the larger San Jose area for work rather than working in the Campbell area, which is mostly residential. It’s close proximity to San Jose poses some benefits and disadvantages to auto shippers like Budget Auto Shipping. First, the area is easily accessed by a vast network of major roads and highways, most bleeding off of Interstate 280 and Route 85. However, the Campbell area became regarded as an area very sensitive to transportation noise when a dispute was filed against the Federal Railroad Administration in 2005 – effectively delaying a major railroad opening for two months. Added to this are the notoriously heavy restrictions on heavy vehicle traffic in the area. 

Of course, Campbell’s location in the Silicon Valley makes it a frequent destination for job relocations resulting from technology jobs (particularly in computers) in the general area. Many of these travelers choose to use auto transport services to make the trip to the area easier. As such services are often tax deductible because of their association with business, the use of auto shipping services is often an easy decision to make.