Fresno, Ca

As the 5th most sizeable city in the state of California, Fresno is one of the few major cities in the state that is situated inland – away from the water. Fresno consists of nine separate communities along with a group of areas that remain unincorporated. Many compare the climate of Fresno to that of the Mediterranean in that it experiences a great deal of its precipitation during the winters (which are mild) while the summers are typically dry and hot. However, Fresno experiences only about 11 inches of annual rainfall. A major draw to the Fresno area for auto shipping companies like Budget Auto Shipping are the 16 colleges and universities in the area – attracting many students that use shipping services for a vehicle. 

From the North to South, Fresno is accessed by Highway 99 – connecting the city to Sacramento to the North. Parallel to Highway 99 is another major route by which auto shippers can access Fresno indirectly – Interstate 5. The abundance of highway access to Fresno in the West contrasts with the lack of highways coming in from the East. This is due to the very large Sierra National Forest (containing Yosemite National Park).