Sacramento, Ca

The capital of California, Sacramento is located in the approximate center of the state, North of San Francisco. One of the major draws to the area by auto transport companies such as Budget Auto Shipping is the presence of two major universities in the area – California State University and the University of California, Davis. College students regularly request the services of an auto shipping company so that they have a vehicle for use during the school year. Sacramento is divided into four major areas that each have their corresponding neighborhoods. Each of these neighborhoods enforces their individual regulations on heavy vehicles that enter the area. However, Budget Auto Shipping has had few issues performing door to door delivery and pick up in the area. 

Major routes leading into the Sacramento area include Interstate 80 from the West and North and Interstate 5 from the West and South. Highway 50 also runs directly into the city from the East. The major consideration for auto shippers traveling through the Sacramento area occurs during December and January. During these two months, fog can be intense, often lowering visibility to less than 100 feet. Not only does this present dangerous driving conditions – but it can considerably slow down traffic, causing travel delays.