San Diego, Ca

Despite its sometimes unfortunate reputation for having a high crime rate, the crime rate in San Diego has been steadily dropping since the 1990s and currently has the 6th lowest in the United States for cities of its size. In addition, Money Magazine voted San Diego was rated as the 5th best place to live in 2006. This attention has not been missed by snowbirds and long term tourists, making it a popular destination for auto transport companies. Located just North of Mexico, it is also a popular destination for international auto shipping traveling North from Central America and South America.

┬áSan Diego is accessible both from the North and South by Interstate 5 and from the East by Highway 94. Rain is not a significant consideration for auto shippers as San Diego is located in the Semi-arid climate zone of North America. As a result, San Diego only experiences about 9 inches of rainfall each year. This does not make it absolutely necessary for automobile owners to waterproof their soft top cars before auto shipping in the area – except, of course, if the automobile is being shipped to areas where precipitation is heavier.