San Jose, Ca

San Jose is the southern most portion of the San Francisco Bay Area and is the primary point of entry for the greater San Francisco area in the peninsula on which most of the city is located. The greater metropolitan area of San Jose contains a population of about 7.4 million. Due to it’s protection from the ocean and on all sides by mountainous regions, San Jose does not experience anywhere near the rain or fog that San Francisco experiences during the year. In fact, San Jose is usually classified as a desert with as much as 4 times less rain than San Francisco.

 From the North, auto shippers typically use Interstate 880 to access the city. From the South, San Jose can be easily accessed through the use of Highway 101. Finally, from San Francisco, San Jose is accessed by auto transport companies traveling on Interstate 280, a major route that runs directly into the city. A major reason for auto shipping to the area is the abundance of engineering students that attend school in the area. In addition, corporate relocations to San Jose are very common and often require the use of auto transport services. The economic slump that reduced traffic in the area during 2000 ended around 2004, causing traffic congestion to again increase. This can cause some delays in auto transports to the area but they are typically no more marked than in other major cities.