Auto transport Nevada

While Nevada is typically associated with the desert, juniper forests comprise much of the north and central portions of the state. Wildlife in these forests are the biggest direct threat to auto shipping companies as such animals can sometimes cause highway accidents and traffic jams. In addition to being well forested, the northern and central portions of Nevada are also comprised of a variety of hills that can make some travel difficult. Nevada is not known for snow fall, however, and such environmental concerns are not normally a hazard for road conditions.

One of the considerations for auto shipping is the temperature difference that can occur from day to night. For example, the night time temperature in the southern portion of Nevada can reach temperatures as low as -10 F while the day time temperatures can reach 115 F. The low temperatures are caused by a lack of trees in the desert regions of the state causing heat to dissipate quickly after the Sun goes down. This temperature difference can require an enclosed hauler to keep cars safe from the Sun and night time cold

Major highways in Nevada include Interstate 80 (which runs through Reno) and Highway 6 (which runs through the lower central portion of the state. Shipments to and from Las Vegas will typically have to take Interstate 15.

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