The Truth About Green Vehicles

One of the most important concerns for Budget Auto Shipping is reducing the impact that our auto haulers have on the environment. Normal drivers are also following this trend, as evidenced by the increasing popularity of green vehicles. But what are green vehicles? Can they really help reduce drivers’ impact on the environment?

Major Types of Green Vehicles

In order to qualify as a green vehicle, an automobile must either partially or fully function through the use of an alternative energy source to fossil fuels, diesel, or gasoline. Vehicles may be partially green. For example, a vehicle could be considered green if it uses electric power backed up by normal gasoline. New green vehicles offer exciting fuel opportunities from pure water to compressed air.

Electric/Fuel Cell

Both hydrogen cars and electric cars are more efficient than gasoline-powered vehicles, as well as offering better fuel economy. Their maximum range before the battery must be recharged inhibits electric cars. Of course, the driver should consider the type of electric power utilized to charge the vehicle, which could be produced by fossil fuels anyway. Most electric vehicles provide a 55% to 99.9% improvement in CO2 emissions when compared to internal combustion engines.


Hybrid vehicles, as the name suggests, are partially powered by fossil fuels and electrical or hydrogen power. While these vehicles are typically more expensive than ICD vehicles, experts estimate that the savings in fuel economy offset the increased cost after five years.

Benefits of Green Vehicles

The most hazardous greenhouse gases contributed by motor vehicles are methane, carbon dioxide, and nitrous oxide. 33% of the total greenhouse gas emissions originate from road transport in the United States. Such pollutants have been linked to conditions like lung cancer, respiratory disease, and cardiopulmonary disease. Green vehicles reduce these emissions by a large factor.

While auto haulers used by shipping companies may carry too much weight to benefit from green vehicle technology, Hybrid taxi fleets in New York have reported savings of thousands of dollars in fuel costs each year.

How Auto Shipping Conserves Fuel

Even with the weight and size of auto haulers, carbon emissions can be conserved simply because the vehicles are not themselves traveling on public roadways. Auto shippers also try to keep haulers as full as possible when shipping, both to save time on the shipment and cut down on fuel costs and dangerous carbon emissions.

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