Don’t Be Left Out in the Cold This Year Snowbirds: Book Auto Shipping Services Now

Every year, thousands of people travel from the northeast to destinations like California and Floridato escape the bitter winter months in the North. Rather than add miles to their vehicles, spend hundreds on gas, and drive for hours on boring stretches of highway, many of these “snowbirds” choose to rely on auto shipping services. Budget Auto Shipping can help you ship your vehicle anywhere in the United States and abroad, saving you time, money and hassle. But the dramatic increase in demand for auto shipping services also makes for long waits for people that wait until the last moment to schedule a shipment. By booking now, you can lock in gas prices before they get higher and guarantee your vehicle a spot on the journey South.

What Are Snowbirds?

An estimated 5 percent of the population of Florida (over the age of 55) qualifies as a snowbird. There are a variety of reasons that people may travel South during some part of the year. The vast majority make the trip to avoid poor winter weather. Participants in a 2005 Florida study gave these reasons for relocating temporarily to Florida:

  • 79.1% – Climate
  • 6.6% – Vacation
  • 4.1% – Long-term Visit With Family or Friends
  • 3.0% – Health Reasons
  • 2.2% – Job/Business Trip

Another group of people that often need auto shipping services are called sunbirds. In effect, these travelers are the exact opposite of snowbirds; they leave warmer places during the year to get a break from the stifling summer heat. Based on a 2005 University of Florida study of 7,041 permanent residents of Florida over the age of 55, about 12 percent spent more than 30 days the previous year living in another state.

Why Book Auto Shipping Services Early?

In an uncertain economy, it’s difficult to predict gas prices very far into the future. Auto shipping companies help customers by locking in service prices when they place their orders, protecting customers from spikes in gas costs. But as you can see from the 2005 University of Florida study, snowbirds are a lot more common in Florida than you might think. There is limited space on car carriers traveling on U.S. highways. This sometimes leaves movers that book services late in the snowbird season with long waits before a carrier is available. Waiting until there is ice on the roads and congested holiday traffic can only increase delays in your auto shipping service.