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Get your instant quote in just three simple steps!

Get your instant quote in just three simple steps!

Budget Auto Shipping offers weekly auto transport services to most ports in Africa. With our vast network of shipping companies shipping to Africa is more affordable and easier than ever before. We specialize in oversized vehicles such as tractor trailers, dump trucks and heavy equipment.  Our most serviced ports Tema, Conotou, Lagos  and Luanda amongst many others. Our shipping services are done containerized or roll on/roll off with ships leaving weekly.

Budget Auto Shipping also provides land transport to and from ports in the U.S. solving all your logistical issues in one place. Average shipping time to Africa is 30-45 days depending on transport method and port. Prices are based on cubic volume and insurance is generally 2% of the cost of the vehicle being shipped.

Budget Auto Shipping only provides price on auto transport and does not include any taxes or any other fees imposed by any government. We suggest you contact an attorney at your destination to better explain and understand the fees of that country.

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