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Located in southeastern Alaska, Delta Junction is around 100 miles South of the much larger city of Fairbanks. Delta Junction does not get a great deal of precipitation as it is situated away from the Pacific Ocean. The only major highways leading into the area are Route 2 (which runs in from the South and continues on to Fairbanks) and Route 4 (which connects Delta Junction from the South to Route 1 – leading to Anchorage). Delta Junction is typically no problem for auto transport companies like Budget Auto Shipping during the summer as temperatures are mild. However, Delta Junction can become virtually inaccessible for long periods of time during the winter, expect by airplane.

Delta Junction, Alaska

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This small city hosts a small network of roads within that can be accessed easily by the trailers used to transport vehicles. As large vehicles are common in the area, streets are designed to accommodate them. In addition, as the area itself generally receives little precipitation, large amounts of snowfall are usually not an issue. The major problem is severe snowfall in other areas along the highways leading in to Delta Junction that can become blocked. Two major options for auto shipping to Delta Junction are through Canada and over the Pacific Ocean (from the United States).

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