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Fairbanks is the farthest North Metropolitan area in the United States with a population of around 90,000. It is also home to the major draw for auto transport companies like Budget Auto Shipping and the oldest college in the state, The University of Alaska, Fairbanks. Fairbanks is the 2nd largest city in Alaska, just behind the city of Anchorage to the South. Two major highways serve the Fairbanks area – Interstate a-2 from the southeast and Interstate a-4 from the West. The Fairbanks area covers about 30 miles – making it necessary for many residents to own a vehicle. During the summer, auto transport services can deliver a vehicle to the area. For winter shipment, services must be scheduled well in advance and, due to conditions out of an auto transport company’s control, there may be some delays.

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The major concern for auto transport companies traveling to the Fairbanks area is temperature. Winter temperatures average from -19 degrees to 25 degrees Fahrenheit. However, temperatures have been recorded in Fairbanks as low as -66 Fahrenheit. This can pose serious problems for vehicles traveling into the area. Unprotected aluminum engine blocks can easily freeze and break during the winter. This makes it necessary to take precautions with your vehicle, particularly during January and February, to prevent engine damage due to the cold.

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