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Seward is a sea port city located in the Resurrection Bay area of Alaska. In 2005, the city’s population was estimated at just over 3,000. Seward is a popular destination for cruise ships traveling North, often their last stop. Visitors to Seward can take a train into northern Alaska or use the Seward Highway. Seward is one of the only small cities in Alaska that has access to this road. Of course, auto transport services such as Budget Auto Shipping can easily deliver a vehicle to the Seward area by the use of a sea carrier at any time of the year. Seward is also a popular point of entry for vehicles bound for other areas of the state due to its ease of access.

Seward, Alaska

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The climate of Seward is similar to that of Anchorage in that, although temperatures are slightly warmer than areas further inward, its location near the Pacific Ocean brings more precipitation in the form of snow. Most vehicles shipped to Seward are bound for another location as the city itself is known for hosting more public transportation and bikes than it is private automobiles. Still, if you would like an automobile in Seward, auto transport services can access the area much easier than they can many other portions of the state.

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