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Soldotna is a small city in Alaska located just South of the Anchorage area. One of the unique aspects of Alaska is that, with exception to a few major cities like Soldotna, many portions of Alaska are only accessible by flight, especially during the winter. However, if you need a vehicle in the Soldotna area, there is generally no difficulty for auto transport companies like Budget Auto Shipping as long as the shipment is booked well in advance. Its close proximity to the Pacific Ocean means that the climate is generally slightly warmer than cities farther inland in the state. However, its location also means that snowfall is heavier.

Soldotna, Alaska

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Soldotna has a population of a little more than 4,000 residents and is connected to Anchorage by route 1, also known as the Sterling Highway. Soldotna is a major draw for vacationers that enjoy fishing. Taxidermists in the area will usually prepare any fish caught that is in excess of 70 lbs. as it brings more visibility to their business. For the most part, any vehicles shipped to the Soldotna area arrive via sea and are then transported to the city. However, as with much of Alaska, it is important to speak to a Budget Auto Shipping representative to find out what your shipping options are for the area before you decide to book the shipment.

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