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Wasilla is a city located in the southern portion of Alaska, just northeast of Anchorage. In the past, Wasilla was home to many agricultural and mine workers in the area. However, the city gradually began to shift more towards a place of residence for many workers employed in the surrounding cities such as Anchorage. Because of its proximity to the Anchorage area, Wasilla is normally accessible throughout the year to auto transport companies – despite its heavy snowfall (typically 50 inches annually). The major highway leading into the Wasilla area comes from Anchorage and is known as Interstate a-1 or Glenn Highway. Wasilla gained worldwide attention when, in 2008, its former mayor, Sarah Palin, was announced as the running mate of John McCain.

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If you plan on using auto transport services during the harsh winter of Wasilla, there are several things that you must keep in mind. Low temperatures during the winter can reach well into the negatives during the coldest months and average below 10 degrees. You must have the appropriate tools for your vehicle to be usable in the area such as a heater for your engine block and a battery blanket. If the vehicle is on an auto transport trailer for a long period of time, it might not start until it is warmed up.

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