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Agriculture and military contracts are the main reasons for auto shipping to Enterprise, Alabama, which is historically significant as having the only monument to an agricultural pest in the world, the Boll Weevil Monument. Following an infestation of the pest in 1915, the town was forced to diversify from cotton to peanuts. This move staved off the potential economic ruin the city could have faced, and renewed the economy with remarkable speed, giving the city a stronger economy than could have been achieved through cotton alone. In appreciation, the citizens of Enterprise erected the monument on Main St. to the “herald of prosperity,” the Boll Weevil.

Enterprise, Alabama

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Enterprise itself is located just north of the panhandle of Florida, and south of Montgomery. Interstate 10 runs through Florida in the south while auto shippers in Alabama can travel south on I-65 to reach Enterprise from the northwest. Otherwise, as a city with a population of only around 26,500, Enterprise is not connected directly to any major highways or ports of entry. Like many other quiet Southern cities, Enterprise is a popular destination for snowbirds seeking to escape cold weather in the North during the winter, but can also be a long-term vacation destination during the summer.

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