"The Affordable Way to Ship Your Car!"

One of Americas hottest states, Arizona’s dry and arid temperatures have been known to stop big car transporters dead in their tracks. Even though Arizona is brutally hot it is still one the busiest states with thousands of auto haulers passing through daily. Car Transporters pass through for many reasons mainly to cross the country going from coast to coast, but even less known is to dodge mountainous terrain. Arizona’ southern areas have fewer hills than the northern or even Utah this allows driver to save money on fuel. Therefore the southern areas are generally faster for pick up than the north.

Budget Auto Shipping offers auto transport through the entire state of Arizona and requests a three to five day window for pick up in most locations. Customers closer the major highways such as the I-10 and the I-20 can be shorter.  Budget Auto shipping can also provide expedited service to most parts of the state. For more information contact an auto transport expert at Budget Auto Shipping and let us take the hassle out of shipping to and from Arizona!