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Cave Creek, Arizona is a northern suburb of Phoenix situated in the Sonoran Desert. Despite the city’s name and presence of two streams, the town’s 28.2 square miles consists of only land. The city is relatively small compared to other cities in the area, with just short of 5,000 residents recorded as part of the 2006 Census. While the major highways Interstate 17 runs directly west of Cave Creek, the most typical access point to the city is through W. Carefree Highway. The city also includes a pair of conservation areas – the Cave Creek Regional Park and Spur Cross Ranch. Both of these areas remain largely inaccessible to auto shipping haulers. In fact, many shipments to the area may end within the city limits of Phoenix to avoid shipping delays or damage to vehicles.

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The climate of Cave Creek poses little problems for auto shippers traveling through the area. In fact, vehicles are often better off traveling on auto haulers than driving through the area to avoid overheating, especially during the hottest summer months. During the winter, however, the relatively flat terrain and open space make traveling through the area quite easy, even for the largest auto haulers.

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