"The Affordable Way to Ship Your Car!"

For the most part California is one of Countries most stable location for auto transport. Most auto transports are coming out the lower southern portion of the state like San Diego & Long Beach. The northern and central locations are a little slower year round. A good rule of thumb is the closer you are to a major expressway the sooner you will have a chance of being picked up.

San Fransico on the other hand is known to be a area that the long distance haules will usally avoid. Its streets, tolls and highways are a bit difficult to manuever the big auto haulers around. Most times driver will request higher pay to enter the more difficult areas.  If you are looking to ship and you are west of  I-5 or on the coast drivers may require you to meet them in a reasonble location. Espcially if there are bridges or two lane roads involved.

California has several small cities in very remote areas usually bordering nevada such as Reno. These states may require drivers to pass through rugged conditions such as mountains or deserts these conditions can take a toll on equipment and waste lots of fuel. Auto tranports in these areas are few and far in between and usually delays will occur in these area