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Alameda is located on a small island of the same name just South of Oakland and East of San Francisco. As such, the only points of access to the city are via bridges from the mainland – of which there are five. A large portion of this island is made up of Alameda Naval Complex. At last count, the city has an estimated population of around 72,259. Due to its relative size and location on an island, this makes Alameda a densely populated and often difficult area for auto transport companies – especially with the reputation for heavy traffic traveling on the bridges leading into the area.

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Depending on which portion of the city that needs to be accessed, auto transport companies will typically travel up Interstate 880 from the South or 580 from the North, eventually merging into traffic on either the High St. Bridge from the South or Webster St. Tube from the North. Travel from the North is notably faster as there are two points of access to Alameda in this area – one dedicated to traffic traveling to Alameda and one only for traffic traveling from the island. This helps relieve traffic congestion by dedicating all lanes to traffic traveling in a single direction. The other bridges to the island have traffic traveling both directions.

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