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Located just East of Oakland (in fact, surrounded by the large city), Piedmont has been ranked both the best place to live in the United States and one of the top earning towns in the country. The major draw to Piedmont for Budget Auto Shipping is for retirement. Residents of other areas in the country often relocate to the Piedmont area and use auto transport companies to make the trip easier. Piedmont is primarily a residential area with a marked low crime rate and very competitive school system, also making it very popular with families. It’s close proximity to the Pacific Ocean also makes it a easy area from which to begin an international auto transport.

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However, because of the strict local regulations on large vehicles and overall residential classification, door to door shipping may not be possible in the area. Most streets in Piedmont are lined with low hanging trees that can prevent access by the naturally tall drop shipping trailers. That being the case, terminal shipping is usually an option. This is very easy because of the large metropolitan areas literally surrounding Piedmont with an abundance of open parking areas. Any vehicle delivered to the area will typically be no more than 5 miles from its ultimate destination in Piedmont.

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