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Recently featured in CNN and the Wall Street Journal as one of the fastest growing vacation real estate markets, Pompano Beach is a popular destination for auto transport companies. The population of Pompano Beach is estimated around 102,745. However the city of Pompano Beach is also considered to be a part of the southern Florida metropolitan area with an estimated population of 5,413,212. 1.55 miles of the city is water and this often presents a flooding problem to auto shippers traveling through the area. According to a recent winter census, the population of Pompano Beach nearly doubles during the snowbird season.

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Highway 811 runs directly through the city from the North to South and is commonly used by auto transport companies to access the city limits. There are no major highways running directly into Pompano Beach from the East or West but Highway 814 runs across the state directly to the South. As the southern Florida metropolitan area spans almost the entire Atlantic coastline in Florida, it can be difficult to distinguish where one city ends and another begins. However, despite the heavy population of the area, there are normally no problems offering door to door shipping with auto transport services.

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