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The 8th largest city in Georgia, Albany was home to 77,434 residents in 2010, with a total area of about 56 square miles in the southwest portion of the state. Interstate 75 runs directly to the east of Albany, connecting to several major highways to give auto haulers quick access to most areas of the city. From the north and separate from I-75, the city can be accessed by Highway 19. This and Highway 3 connect Albany to other Georgian cities like Americus and Ellaville. Due to Albany’s location along the Flint River, the area has been victim to severe flooding since its founding. One of the worst floods in the city’s history occurred in 1994 as a result of Tropical Storm Alberto. In addition to widespread traffic delays, the flood displaced more than 20,000 people and killed 14.

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Large employers in the area are a driving force in the demand for auto shipping services in Albany. While little of the population is employed in agriculture, many are employed in the armed forced at Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany. Unfortunately, recent economic woes in Albany mean that some residents are leaving to find jobs, while others plan to take advantage of lucrative tax credits for employers and other Opportunity Zone benefits.

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