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While Flint, Michigan is sometimes remembered for its role in the automobile industry (the city was the birthplace of General Motors), recent years have soured opinions against the company, while Flint has experienced increased crime rates and budget concerns. Despite being a struggling city, Flint does have the advantage of being closely situated to Detroit, and connected to the rest of the state and beyond through several major Interstates, including 75, 475, and 69. I-75 connects the city with the Upper Peninsula of the state, and continues south until ending in Florida. I-69 connects Flint with western Michigan cities like Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo.

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Like any Michigan city, weather can be a significant problem for drivers on Michigan roads. Along with flooding, icy conditions and heavy snowfall can cause severe traffic delays and accidents. The average high temperature in Flint during the winter is only 29.6 degrees, below freezing. Auto shipping in Flint is a relatively simple process during the summer due to the city’s excellent connections with major Interstates. If you are shipping a vehicle from Flint during the winter, however, be prepared to face some potential wait times as this is a busy time for north-south auto shipments from states like Michigan.

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