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Located in the western portion of North Carolina, Hickory is located northwest of Charlotte and has a population of around 50,000 residents. While this does not rank Hickory as one of the largest cities in the United States, it does make it an important population center in the state of North Carolina. The major road running through Hickory is Interstate 40, which runs from East to West. Highway 321 also runs North and South and serves as a primary access route from Hickory to Charlotte in the South. Although Hickory Regional Airport would seem like a major draw for auto transport services like Budget Auto Shipping, the lack of any commercial airlines serving the airport negates this.

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The position of Hickory far inland from the Atlantic Ocean makes hurricanes of little concern in the area. However, just like many other major cities in the state, precipitation is higher than the national average and tornadoes can be of some concern. Summer temperatures are in the upper 80s while the temperature can drop to freezing during the winter. A major draw to the Hickory metropolitan area is the strong presence of furniture and fiber optic cable manufacturers in the area, which supply a great deal of the jobs and often result in corporate transfers or relocations. Today, it is still estimated that around 40% of the fiber optic cable used around the world is manufactured in Hickory.

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