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Wilmington, North Carolina is often associated with 3 things – where Michael Jordan spent his childhood, where 4 Medal of Honor recipients have lived and as the home of the largest film studio not located in the state of California. Wilmington is serviced by an intricate network of major highways that often make Budget Auto Shipping services to the area quite easy compared to other cities in the United States. However, there is limited access to the city from the South due to the large waterway running in from the Atlantic Ocean and nearly isolating the city from the state of North Carolina.

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Due to its close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, Wilmington is often ranked as being the city with the highest tropical storm threat in the state. Winter temperatures normally average in the 50s while the summer sees much hotter temperatures, especially during July and August. Storms are a threat to the Wilmington area in both the summer and fall and a major tropical storm hit’s the Wilmington area an average of once every 7 years. From the North, Interstate 40 runs directly into the city area. Interstate 140 adds accessibility in the North making auto transport services in this area much easier than from the South.

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