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The Bronx is the most northern borough of New York City and the 4th largest in both area and population. It is also the only borough of New York City that is not primarily situated on an island. In the West, the Bronx is hillier in elevation while, as it gets closer to Long Island, it becomes much flatter in topography. From the North, the Bronx is arguably the most accessible borough by auto shippers. However, from the South, customers of auto transport companies can usually expect some delays in service due to heavy traffic congestion even on open highways.

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Interstates 87 and 95 flow directly into the area from the North as well as the South. From the mainland New Jersey area, auto shippers can use Interstate 78 or Highway 9. Access on Highway 9 is preferred as access using Interstate 78 still requires a trip North using Interstates 87 or 95. One of the defining features of the Bronx of importance to auto shippers is the lack of clarity in the amount of neighborhoods in the region. For example, various estimates state that the Bronx has either 44, 49, 61, 68 or 69 individual neighborhoods defining local traffic laws.

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