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Brooklyn is the most populated borough in New York City with an estimated population of around 2.5 million at last count. It is located in the eastern portion of New York City and is accessed primarily by auto shippers from the West over bridges. Access from the East is rare as Brooklyn sits on a peninsula where access could be easier granted from the West. The primary point of access from the West is on the Staten Island Expressway (otherwise known as Interstate 278). From the North, it is accessed by a complex series of Interstates including 87, 495, 278 and 678.

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Although Brooklyn is typically associated with corporate offices, around 91% of the businesses operating in the area employ fewer than 20 employees. This means that few job relocation auto shipping services travel to the area. On the other hand, a large amount of snowbirds relocate their automobiles to southern states like Florida during the April through October season. However, as with most of New York City, door to door auto shipping is nearly impossible in the major city areas. Most automobiles must be driven first outside of the city limits for pickup.

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