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Located in northwestern Pennsylvania, Erie is situated in what is referred to as the snow belt of the United States. This lake effect snow area experiences short periods of heavy snow during the winter followed by often extended periods of weather above freezing – resulting in melting snow and road slush. This combination of wet and icy road conditions can be dangerous to travelers through the area, especially Budget Auto Shipping. In order to protect vehicles loaded onto a trailer, auto transport companies may need to travel cautiously through the area during the winter to prevent accidents and damage. Delays resulting from this safe driving practice are typically mild.

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Erie, Pennsylvania is a large city (4th in the state) that is home to more than 100,000 residents. Once well known for manufacturing, Erie is now mainly associated with the construction of plastic products and automobiles – a large order base for Budget Auto Shipping. Erie is more of a popular travel through for auto transport companies than it is a destination – mostly due to its close proximity to some of the largest cities in the United States such as Buffalo, Cleveland, New York City and Philadelphia. For example, auto shippers will frequently travel through Erie from Cleveland on their way to New York City or Buffalo.

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