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Budget Auto Shipping Nationwide Service

Ship your car, truck, RV, or even your boat within the US, or to and from Hawaii, with ease. Our door to door service is among the best in the country, and is backed by 25 years combined experience, and our 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Our comprehensive list of professional, dependable and fully insured drivers is completely at your disposal. After decades of offering competent and timely transport services, we have only kept the best and 100% rated drivers across the US in our ranks. This is the best way to guarantee a top notch transport service with the highest performance standards.

Our door to door service is available all across the US, always offering a seamless and affordable pickup and delivery process.

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All of our drivers carry a $750,000 public liability insurance

The best part?

You get to meet the person responsible for the safety of your car, and follow every step of our 5 points inspection process. As a vehicle owner, you want to know your car is in good hands during the whole journey. Budget Auto Shipping´s approach is to keep a professional yet close relationship with every one of our clients.

Here is a list of advantages of doing business with our experts in transportation:

  • Nationwide Service

  • Fully Insured Drivers

  • Fully Licensed Drivers

  • 100% Rated Drivers

  • Door To Door Service

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

  • Military & Student Discounts

  • 25 Years Combined Experience

  • Honest – Competitive Pricing

Why Choose Us?

Most people have issues with trusting one of their most important possessions to total strangers. Finding a reliable and responsible driver who also works within realistic budget limits is something that takes a lot of asking around.

After decades delivering nothing but excellence, Budget Auto Shipping has gathered the most extensive curated list of dependable and high-principled haulers that will be more than happy to safely and efficiently take your vehicle to and from any point in the US, including Hawaii. We only deal with drivers who have a proven record of timely and uneventful deliveries.

Our extensive network of drivers and service providers allows us to keep costs down and offer realistic prices for our services. We have our own fleet of hauler owners and operators, giving us the ability to offer same day pick up services, and we also work on extended hours so you know we will always be there on time.

Just call us toll free at 1-888-301-HAUL (4285), and get a free quote with an estimate time of arrival. Enjoy our door-to-door exclusive service and have one less thing to worry about.

How do we do it?

Most people do not realize that one of the advantages of today´s digital world is that services that used to be cumbersome and slow, like shipping vehicles across the country, now are fulfilled in a fast and easy way.

Forget about coming and going just to get a hauler pick up your car at your home. Our seamless and easy to follow not only reduces the time spent on paperwork and formalities. It also reduces costs and allow us to offer realistic prices that are hard to beat.

Get a Quote NOW

Just fill out our easy to understand transport quote form located on this page. We will provide you with a comprehensive and detailed shipping quote where you can see exactly what you will be paying for. If you need to offer more details, or if you have specific questions, you can always call our customer service lines.

Pick a Date and Place

Your time is important. We will make sure you find a suitable date based on your schedule and your shipping needs. Please note that availability is also based on route frequency and local regulations. We do our best to take off all the load off our customer´s shoulders by offering true door-to-door services. However, some neighborhoods have space limitations that make it impossible for a hauler to enter. Also, some municipalities limit the size and tonnage of vehicles in certain areas.

Take into account that some streets are too narrow for 60 feet long carriers. Moreover, we worry about the peace of mind of your neighbors and are bound to respect their property and surroundings.

In these cases, we coordinate pickups and deliveries at the closest available location

Make sure to contact our transport coordinator before setting a definite date.

We Find the Right Transporter for You

Depending on your location and particular needs, our specialized software goes through a comprehensive list of drivers. You can be certain to get the driver with the highest approval rates and the right hauler for the task. We only work with professional and reliable operators with proven records of total satisfaction every time.

We offer TRUE door-to-door service. You might find that terminal to terminal shipping services are slightly cheaper. However, they come at a cost. It means your car will be subject to multiple loads and unloads as they switch carriers, there will be more stops, and the probability of a misunderstanding increases with every time your car changes hands. It also increases the chances of damage to your vehicle.

Budget Auto Shipping allows you to be present at the time your car is loaded and unloaded. You can be certain the person who received your car is the same driver that does the delivery. This puts all the responsibility on our shoulders and gives you unparalleled confidence in our professionalism.

Popular Routes

California to New York Auto Shipping

Florida to New York Auto Shipping

Chicago to Los Angeles Auto Shipping

Pick Up and Delivery

Our driver will confirm the pickup location with you before arriving. This will let you know that we are on our way or if there are any delays (this might happen if it is a multiple carrier).

You will personally meet one of our fully licensed drivers who will be responsible for the safety of your car, and they will explain our thorough inspection process. Make sure you check our shipping requirement list at least a week before the pickup date.

Once the inspection process is completed. Your car will be loaded into the carrier. You can check the condition of the truck yourself before you sign.

We work hard to assure a timely deliver at the designed destination. You will meet with the same driver and perform one last inspection of your vehicle, making sure you receive your car in the same condition you loaded it.

Remember, to ship your car within continental US, you can only have a maximum of 100 pounds of cargo in your trunk and out of sight.

If you have any more questions about our services, feel free to call our representatives.