Enclosed Auto Hauler

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Auto Transporters or haulers as they are commonly called, come in many shapes and sizes. The enclosed auto hauler is the safest and usually a bit more  expensive  than the open service. This auto hauler is commonly used to transport for new car delivery especially of exotic or classic cars. The enclosed trailer can also carry some truck, motorcycles and racing cars which are commonly lowered.

One of the major advantages of using enclosed auto haulers other than protecting from the elements is that insurance coverage is much higher. Generally an open hauler will have insurance up to $75,000 and the enclosed will have up to $150,000 both will have zero deductible to you the customer. One thing to know is that the enclosed service, it is not any faster or slower that the other services.

Budget Auto Shipping does provide all types of services and also ships all types of vehicle including, cars trucks, boats, and R.V.’s. We ship throughout the entire country and overseas to most major ports around the world.  Please make sure to give us a call and one of our auto transport specialist will be glad to answer your question.