Shipping A Car From Hawaii

While Hawaii is one of the most beautiful and delightful parts of the United States, its extremely isolated geography gives residents a lot of challenges. One significant hurdle that comes up when you’re moving from Hawaii to the mainland is how to send your car along on the same journey.

Shipping A Car From Hawaii

Though it probably looks like a gigantic undertaking at first glance, shipping an automobile from Hawaii to the mainland US isn’t as complicated as you might think. Because autos making this journey aren’t actually crossing international borders, it’s a significantly less complicated matter than other island shipments. There are no language barriers, customs hassles, or import tariffs to worry about, for example.

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We can help you get your vehicle to the United States out of a wide selection of Hawaiian ports. Our firm is highly experienced with Hawaii-to-mainland auto shipping, so you can rest easy knowing that your car is safe in the hands of trustworthy and skilled professionals.

Import Concerns

Because both the departure point and destination on this trip are in the United States, you needn’t worry about tariffs or any other international fees, even though your car will be shipped through international waters. Shipping cars from Hawaii do impose some unique requirements, so it’s a good idea to prepare for the trip as far in advance as possible.

Ocean freight transport is the only recommended path for shipping your car from Hawaii to the mainland US. As part of your planning for the trip, you should familiarize yourself with the state’s ports so that you’ll know where to deliver your car for shipment.

Shipping Requirements

Specific documentation is required to ship an automobile to the mainland from Hawaii. You’ll need to gather all of the following:

* Current Driver’s License (copy)

* Certificate of Registration

* Certificate of Ownership

* Notarized Letter from the Registered Owner (if the auto belongs to a third party)

* Notarized Letter from Lienholder (if the vehicle’s registration recognizes a lienholder)

Note that notarized letters, if required, need to be current. Notarized letters will be considered “expired” after 30 days.

Preparing Your Vehicle

To minimize delay-causing hassles, you should take the time to prepare your car for shipment:

* Bring the car to the shipping point with no more than a quarter tank of gas

* Ensure that the vehicle has been inspected and is in full compliance with US safety standards

* Clean out any and all personal belongings, trash, and removable aftermarket equipment (e.g., alarms)

* Make sure the vehicle has as much ground clearance as possible; at least half a foot is ideal

* Provide keys for the ignition and all compartments of the car (including the trunk) as per Department of Agriculture regulations.

* Stow the vehicle’s spare tire and car jack in the trunk – this is the only place they can be stored during shipment.

Shipping Options

There are two ways to ship a car from Hawaii to the United States’ mainland:

* Roll-On / Roll-Off Service

This is the most common, convenient, and affordable way to ship your car from Hawaii to the mainland. Your car will make the trip chained securely to a purpose-built car deck on a freighter. Shipping companies employ extensive safety procedures to ensure that your vehicle arrives free of damage.

* Container Service

This is a more expensive option than Roll-On / Roll-Off service, but it offers even greater security and, potentially, faster delivery times. Your vehicle is shipped inside its own container. This method is well worth considering if you have a particularly valuable vehicle; containerized shipping provides an unbeatable level of safety and security. It’s essential to provide accurate dimensions of your vehicle as well as its make and model so that the container provided will be adequately sized.

* Shipping a car from Hawaii to the US mainland takes 1 to 3 weeks.

Departure And Arrival Ports

Hawaii is a collection of many islands, with the eight primary ones being Hawai’i, O’ahu, Maui, Kaho’olawe, Moloka’i, Lana’i, Kaua’i, and Ni’ihau.

Ports in Hawaii that handle vehicle shipments to the mainland include:

Honolulu, O’ahu

Hilo, Hawai’i

Kawalhae, Hawai’i

Nawiliwili, Kaua’i

Kahului, Maui

Due to geographic necessity, cars shipped from Hawaii are all delivered to West Coast ports on the mainland of the United States. While this presents a wide range of options, the majority of car shipments arrive in:

Tacoma, Washington

Oakland, California

Long Beach, California

Your vehicle will be inspected by officials on its arrival and you’ll need to pick it up after it has been approved. If you would prefer to have your car delivered to a final destination beyond the port, this can be easily arranged in exchange for a small fee.

If you want to get your vehicle out of Hawaii and into the mainland United States fast, we’re ready to help you through every part of the shipping process!