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Definitely one of the most traveled states by auto haulers. If you are looking to transport a car to or from Florida you will be pleasantly surprised. Most cities and states have driver standing by going to Florida. The reason is Florida is a narrow state with major express ways on both side making it easily accessible for the large auto transporters to maneuver from one side of the state to the other. Also highway run near the coast which is a big plus considering that is where most people live.

There are some exceptions though, the end of the summer begins the snowbird season begins. This is when retired folks from up north come down to pass the winter in a warmer more habitable climate. Most will fly down to Florida and transport their cars to avoid wearing on their vehicles. All auto transporters will be positioned up north at this time to meet the overwhelming demand coming south, with few to no trucks to go out the state of Florida.

On the other hand this only las two weeks but also has a oppsite affect at the begining of the summer whe snowbird will leave the state. Then you find an overwelming amount of trucks looking to leave the state lowering cost to most destinations. To speak to a auto transport expert today or fill out our online quote form.