Enclosed Auto Transport

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The most common method for new car delivery, classic cars and exotic cars is the enclosed auto hauler. Budget Auto Shipping is the most trusted name in auto transport services local and state to state. Our licensed and insured auto haulers are regulated by the federal government to ensure safety.  We provide services in all 48 states including overseas to all major ports worldwide.

Enclosed auto transporters are fully closed on all sides and generally have two levels. Enclosed trailers come in all sizes like the open trailers, smaller ones are used for local auto shipping and the larger ones are used for cross country shipping.  All will have higher insurances generally up to 150,000 to secure higher end vehicles

If you require a dependable auto shipper Budget Auto Shipping delivers first class service and affordable pricing. Our access to the largest fleet of owner operators in the industry allows us to pick your car up and deliver it faster than other auto transport services. Call or fill out our online transport quote form today.